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SOLO - C23991/C23992- $699.55

Solo Performance is excited to bring their Chevy SS Ultra High Flow Stainless Steel Catalytic Converter to the SS community. The 200 cell, spiral wound, ultra high flow converter used in this application offers maximum flow and is rated at 6.2L of cleaning ability per side. That’s 12.4L of cleaning ability, which is of course, far overrated for the Chevy SS and one of the main reasons the Solo Cats keep the engine light off. We have several “test” units that have been on peoples’ cars for well over 500 miles each, and we’re happy to report that the customers are happy with no issues.

These heavy duty stainless steel converters (stainless steel inside and out) are built to perform and last. With the addition of the Solo Performance Ultra High Flow Cat, you not only increase your flow, but also get a louder, deeper, more aggressive exhaust note. The first and one of the most severe “bottlenecks” in the Chevy SS system are the stock converters. Restriction causes an exhaust to be quieter and when you take the restriction away (the stock converter), and replace it with something higher flowing (the Solo cat), you increase both flow, sound, HP and torque. The Chevy SS is prone to vibrations once you open up the exhaust system so we have included Solo Flex Pipes in the Converter design to combat these unwanted sounds.

Solo Performance…Inspired Performance for your Chevy SS! Enjoy Going Solo!


Converter Details

200 cell stainless steel spiral wound design. This design is long lasting, ultra-high flow, and completely stainless inside and out.
Converters are far overrated for the car, at 6.2L per side.
Flex Pipe is incorporated into the design to reduce/eliminate vibration.
Stainless steel O2 bungs in factory location.
Includes a heavy duty stainless steel 3/8” thick front and rear flange.
All components to this converter are stainless steel, including the pipes, flanges, welds, O2 bung etc.
These converters are soon to be 48 State legal.
No CEL or engine lights.
100% BOLT ON!
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