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LUNATI - 85430  - $574.99
LS1/ls6/ls2 voodoo roller rockers 1.8:1 ratio
Voodoo rocker arms are the strongest aluminum roller rocker arms in the world with deflection and bend tests proving them superior to rival aluminum and steel arms. They are the ultimate rocker arms for use in high revving street engines and most race applications. These rockers have been thoroughly test and have been proven to endure more than 100,000 mile of elevated engine speeds.


  • Largest bearing in the industry provides the highest durability and load capacity available
  • Largest trunnion in the industry for superior High RPM stability
  • Trunnion clipped in for positive side to side location and stability
  • Trunnion to bearing mating surface precision ground for extended life
  • Roller tip shaft positively retained with internal clip.
  • Optimized rocker arm geometry evenly distributes load for maximum strength
  • Heat treated aircraft alloy extrusions insure years of service
  • Clearanced for 1.550" diameter valve springs or where specified 1.650" to accommodate most aftermarket valve springs
  • Anodized Black with laser etched logo gives you an attractive look that will make you want to leave your covers off

  • Lunati 85425 - Lunati Voodoo Aluminum Roller Rocker Arms
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