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KATECH - KAT-A7077 - $2499.95
Katech, Inc. has been in the racing industry for 25+ years and knows that the key to a winning engine is the camshaft. Not only do our camshaft packages make great power, but the durability on them is second to none. What makes our camshafts so great is our ability to analyze the valve while it is in motion on our Optron spin cell. This is a claim that few people in the industry can make, especially since we were one of the first companies to use this technology. With our involvement in the C5-R race program, we can safely claim that there has never once been a failure due to insufficient valvetrain design.

What this means is you will get the most durable, highest revving cam package that is on the market today. You can also be assured that every aspect of the camshaft has been designed for great power and superb driveability.

1 - K Force 1 Cam
16 - GM High Speed Lifters
4 - Gen 4 LS Lifter Trays
1 - Gen 5 AFM Delete Valley Cover
2 - LT1 Head Gaskets
1 - LT1 Cam Phaser Limiter
1 - LT1 Cam Bolt
16 - Spring Seats
16 - PSI High Lift Valve Springs
16 - Titanium Valve Spring Retainers
1- C5R Timing Chain
8 - Intake Valve Seals
8 - Exhaust Valve Seals