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LT1/LT4/L86 GPI PD2 CAM DURATION 226/250 LIFT .639"/.639" 116LSA
These cams are our most popular product, and for good reason – they are pound for pound – the best cam on the market for your LT1 engine. These cams have become the benchmark for 6th Gen Camaro’s / C7 Corvette’s. Our GPI Cam and Head packages have been dominating race tracks, and taking 6th Gen Camaro’s & C7 Corvette’s deep into the 10 second range for customers all over the country. Although these camshafts were designed with naturally aspirated motors in mind – because centrifugal blowers maintain a very similar, linear power curve as NA – these cams work beautifully with centrifugal blowers.  Great option to keep in mind if you are naturally aspirated now – but are later planning on adding boost. We have 5 different iterations of this very popular cam (and the option to do a custom spec cam) – from mild performance increase with nearly stock manners, to all out N/A race applications.

Tailored for the street / strip individual that runs a 2500+ RPM converter. It rivals the torque output of the LT PD1 but packs on about 10-15 additional horsepower up top. Strong to 6700 RPM. Can run a factory converter but an upgraded converter is recommended (We know no 10-Speed converters are available). Requires 0* phaser limiter. 
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