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solo - 994186 - $533.93
2008-2009 g8 v6 axleback with quad 3" tips
After the anticipated wait, Solo Performance is proud to bring yhou the V6 axleback kit for your G8.
The stock V6 G8 exhaust:
-The stock system on rev....The stock system on the V6 G8 while revvings soundsquiet and you can hear the motor. There is not much noice at all from the exhaust system.  The stock rev is not a good sound or a bad sound, just some motor noise.
-Stock system while driving....When you are under load, you can hear the motor winding up and that's all.  Once crusing, it's dead quiet and all you can hear is road noise.
Solo Performance V6 G8 axleback
-Rev....A very deep base tone that is a smooth and full exhaust note.
-Driving....While under load the V6 G8 exhaust note has a nice "bite"....deep addressive with a muscle car flavor.  The exhaust note never get out of hand.  It always seems to be in control.  NO drone throughout the RPM spectrum and it is solft and melodious hum at cruise speeds.
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