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solo - 994192 - $898.80
2008-2009 g8 gt/gxp mach-balanced catback with j-pipes and quad 3" polished tips
This Solo Exhaust kit is a tastefull performance exhaust kit.  It has a no drone wonderful smooth exhaust note.  Outside the cabine it has a refined smooth high performance exhaust note that doesn't get out of hand.  Inside the cabin it is quiet with a soft performance tone.  It uses Solo's 14" Mach muffler and J-pipes.  It also incorporates a "balance" pipe in the front pipe section to calm the noise and smooth out and soften the exhaust note.  T304 stainless steel polished muffler (inside and out) and T304 plished stainless staggered dual exhaust tips.
On a scale of 1-10...1 being stock quiet and 10 being rockin noisy

Overall note outside cabin is a 4.
Overall note inside cabin is a 3.