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solo - 994190 - $850.65
2008-2009 g8 gt/gxp mach catback with j-pipes and quad 3" polished tips
This Solo Exhaust kit is classes as a moderate muscle performance exhaust kit.  It has a no drone wonderful smooth exhaust note.  This in our opinion will probably be the kit for most G8 owners.  It has more sound the the Mach-Balanced and of course the differance is the G8 Mach has no balance pipe in the front section.  It has a wonderful mid range exhaust note and as one test driver said smiling "you just want to accelerate..Wow".  Outside the cabin it has a refined smooth high perfomance exhaust note.  Inside the cabin it is quiet with a nice performance tone.  It uses Solo's 14" Mach muffler and J-Pipes.  T304 stainless steel polished muffler (inside and out) and T304 plished stainless staggered dual exhaust tips.
On a scale of 1-10...1 being stock quiet and 10 being rockin noisy

Overall note outside cabin is a 5.
Overall note inside cabin is a 3.5