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solo - 994198 - $1068.93
2008-2009 g8 gt/gxp mach-X3 catback with j-pipes and quad 3.5" polished tips (GXP VALANCE REQUIRED)

Solo’s Pontiac G8-MACH-X3 stainless steel, mandrel bent, cat-back exhaust kit was made for the performance enthusiast that has or is planning to extensively mod their G8. Many of our customers have several mods to their G8 and requested that we make a 3” cat-back kit to accommodate the extra flow that they need for their many upgrades. We recommend this 3” kit for people who have a minimum of… computer tune, intake, Solo high flow converters or headers. Without these minimum amount of mods the G8-MACH-X3 would be too much flow and we would recommend our standard 2.5” systems. If you already have or are planning on these mods then the 3” kit is a great option. The G8-MACH-X3 kit only comes with T304 polished stainless steel dual staggered 3.5” outlet exhaust tips which means that you would need the GXP diffuser to accommodate these large tips. If you don’t already have the GXP diffuser you can pick one up at your local dealer.


This Solo Exhaust kit is classed as an true “American Muscle” performance system. It has a strikingly deep, full 60’s muscle car tone and the best part is we’ve created that fantastic sound without the drone usually associated with the G8. Our front MACH-X3 muffler is a T-304 stainless steel X-Design muffler that is heavily packed with stainless steel wool and ceramic fibre with a special design Solo louvering system to deaden the troubling RPM ranges and collide and accelerate the exhaust gasses. This X-Muffler works in conjunction with our rear J-Pipes. The rear Solo tunable J-Pipes These J-pipes are capped off on the end and as the sound waves enter the J-pipe, they bottom out on the end cap at a very specific point and then bounce back. Upon the sound wave re-entering the exhaust flow, it collides with the specific G8 drone frequency and cancels it out. The Solo Tailpipe section has been built with ease of installation in mind. The 3.5” dual outlet tips are separate so that you can adjust them in or out and side to side. Experience 60`s muscle car sound on the outside and a non-invasive exhaust note on the inside with Solo Performance free flow G8-MACH-X3 three inch mandrel bent stainless steel cat-back exhaust kit…tomorrow’s technology on today’s vehicles.

Exhaust Kit Specs:

  • Stainless steel dual cat-back exhaust kit
  • 3” Mandrel bent, stainless steel exhaust pipes
  • Completely BOLT-ON using only regular tools
  • All hardware included
  • Heavy duty reinforced hangers
  • Dual 3.5” T304 polished stainless steel exhaust tips staggered with inner bevel (G8 GXP rear valence / diffuser required to fit the tips )
  • Special 3” X-Design muffler
  • We have Solo Ultra High Flow Catalytic Converters for the V8 G8 sold separately!
  • Front Solo X-Design Muffler
  • Rear J-Pipes to eliminate that annoying cabin drone
  • Rear separate tip design for ease of installation
  • Fits Standard and Automatic, GT and GXP
  • The Pontiac G8 is loaded with special features. Complete the look and sound with a Solo Performance G8-MACH-X3 exhaust kit


Note: This G8-MACH-X3 kit bolts up to the Solo High Flow Converters ( sold separately ) or the stock converters. We have other 3” G8 kits that bolt up to the Kook’s Long Tube Headers…
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