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ATI - 916163-10 - $135.99
2014-19 C7/Z06 10% overdrive SUPERCHARGER PULLEY RING FOR ATI 917315
ATI Performance Products are the name in Harmonic Dampers.  They eliminate tensional crankshaft vibrations, Exceed SFI 18.1 specs, black zinc chromate finished, tunable, rebuild able, extremely efficient at all rpm and have laser engraved timing marks.  The C7 Dry Sump Super damper 917315 will allow you to use over drive supercharger pullies to add easy boost.

  ProCharger to C7-LT1, Dry Sump  - 916163
     LT1-LT4 Dry Sump 5% OD - 916163-5
     LT1-LT4 Dry Sump 10% OD - 916163-10
     LT1-LT4 Dry Sump 15% OD - 916163-15
     LT1-LT4 Dry Sump 20% OD - SK1040-B5
     Pulley bolts included with pulley
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