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BBK - 1789 - $349.95
LS3/ls7 power plus 95mm thorttle body
Our engineers have designed our electronic throttle control performance throttle bodies to work in most cases with a factory tune, however depending on other modifications and ECM sensitivity on your specific application a tune is sometimes recommended, this is true with most other brand aftermarket performance throttle bodies as well. While it's not normally required, a tune will not only allow the vehicle to work with certain aftermarket add on's but will also improve overall performance of your entire array of upgrades to work together as a whole and can normally update such items as the factory torque limits functions. If you have experienced a check engine light with an aftermarket throttle body it is normally what is referred to as a soft code which will not affect drivability.
  • Utilizes the factory electronic motor drive
  • Bolt on up to 10-15 HP Depending on application
  • Part # 1790 - 102mm includes 1/4" Adapter Plate
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