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ELITE - E2X-C6 - $354.95
All the features of the E2-X single outlet and more! A must for the aggressively driven NA or roots style SC vehicle, and all forms of turbo or centrifugal super charging where the intake manifold becomes pressurized by boost and a secondary evacuation suction source is needed. The dual valve addresses crankcase pressure building due to lack of intake manifold vacuum under acceleration and intake manifold drops to zero due to reversion pules that occur under acceleration by always providing a near constant evacuation and flush flow through the crankcase without venting to the atmosphere. The dual outlet series allows the user to tap into the suction available pre-throttle body to take over the evacuation when under acceleration on NA engines and top mount SC engines, or the turbo/Centrifugal SC inlet for those that have not found a suitable solution for the unique requirements for proper crankcase evacuation, avoiding pressure buildup in the crankcase, and wanting to maintain emissions compliance for street use WITHOUT sacrificing the longevity and durability of your engine as the "Vented" or "Breather" solution do. Do it right, or don't do it at all!!

No pollution or increased engine wear from a "vented" or "breather" system that is NOT street legal. No defeating the critical functions of the PCV system (it performs several critical functions to prevent premature engine wear and failure, far more than just a pollution control device as many assume). Purchasd with the Elite Billet clean side separator for a complete system addressing all aspects of the modern PCV system or purchase separate.

The E2-X single outlet system is recommended for those with a Naturally Aspirated engine that is not raced or driven hard and roots style (top mount) Supercharged vehicles that are not raced or driven hard. Excellent for Fleet use on cars, light trucks and vans where fuel economy improvement is the primary goal or the everyday driver that wants long term protection from intake valve coking and extended engine life.



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