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BTR  - IMA-01 - $689.95

BTR Equalizer 1 intake manifolds are low-profile, high performance intakes. Cast from 319 aluminum, these Brian Tooley Racing manifolds are designed for combinations that are looking to make peak power between 6,000 and 8,000 rpm. Boosted engine combinations are actually more reliable making peak power in this higher rpm range, compared to making peak power around 6,500 rpm like most stock style intakes, provided the valve train is engineered properly.

Features and specifications for Equalizer 1 manifolds:

* O-ringed port openings and lid surface
* Easy insert steep chamfer injector bores for trouble-free injector O-ring insertion
* Underslung plenum design for maximum hood clearance
* 102mm profiled throttle bore
* One map sensor location in rear with two additional user optional locations
* Additional user defined LS3 and LS1, LS2, and LS6 map sensor bores
* ISO9001:2015 certified machining
* 2-piece design for easy porting access
* Lightweight CAD generated design
* Profiled port openings for optimum out of the box performance
* All threads are roll form aircraft standard DSDV
* Clears F-body cowls
* Clears C5 cowls with minimal massaging to intake