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These rocker arms are a must have for any aggressive heads and cam combo!  We utilize stock GM rocker arms and COMP Cams® new LS1 rocker arm retro-fit trunion kit that replaces the cageless, loose OEM needle bearings and powdered metal trunion with a premium 8620 steel alloy trunion and caged roller bearings for added durability. The new design from COMP Cams® utilizes caged roller bearings that greatly reduce the possibility of the bearing failure experienced with stock LS1 needle bearings, which can send loose needles throughout the engine upon failure.

Simply select your rocker arms below!  Texas Speed offers these rockers for the standard cathedral port LS1, LS6, and LS2 rockers as well as the offset rockers on the LS3, L99, L92, LS9, and LS7 combos!
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