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SLP - 55001 - $185.35
Ls1/ls2/ls6 heavy duty oil pump

As part of our commitment to ongoing product improvement, we recently made a number of changes to our popular high-performance LS1/LS2 oil pump. Unlike earlier iterations (and most competitors' units), these new pumps are ported on both the inlet and outlet sides. This helps keep oil temperatures down, increasing engine-component longevity and reducing power-robbing oil shear.

Each pump is fully disassembled at our facility, after which its individual components are inspected and cleaned in a heated, dual-frequency ultrasonic cleaner. Finally, our expert technicians pre-lube all critical assembly points with a leak-resistant moly lubricant and reassemble the pieces to GM blueprint specs. The completed pumps feature a corrosion-resistant coating and bear a unique serial number corresponding to their batch, build date, and assembly tech. No other LS1/LS2 oil pump offers this combination of features-at any price!

NOTES: STRONGLY recommended for use with our head-and-cam packages or with any other high-performance LS1/LS2/LS6 application. An ideal complement to our Double Roller LS1 Timing Chain (

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