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juiced - LP811113 - $429.95
ls7 dual valve springs kit  (set of 16)
For cars with big cam shafts Juiced Motorsports recommends our dual valve springs with .690" lift capabilities.


Install Height: 1.800
Max. Valve Spring Lift: .690
Spring Pressure Closed: 155lbs
Spring Pressure Open: 410@ 1.150
Coil Bind: 1.000
Retainer Material: Titanium

Kit includes:

- Juiced Motorsports Dual Valve Springs (16)
- Juiced Motorsports Titanium Retainers (16)
- Juiced Motorsports ID Valve Spring Locators (16)
- Super 7 Locks (32)
- Rubber Valve Seals (16)

Note: Valves NOT included in kit

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