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f.a.s.t. - 170604-8 - $64.99
uscar to minitimer sytle connectors - set of 8

ST™ Fuel Injector Adapter Harnesses and Connector Kits enable easy retro-fitting of both new and old style electronic fuel injectors. New style fuel injectors can be used on vehicles equipped with older-style Minitimer connectors. Retro-fitting a Minitimer injector into a USCAR harness is also possible with a different adapter harness. Connector kits, complete with terminals, seals, and plugs, are available as well, allowing direct re-termination of existing harnesses with the correct connectors, either Minitimer or USCAR.

(These will help connect an newer Gen IV style (USCAR/EV6 injector) to a older Gen III motor (Minitimer injector).
USCAR to Minitimer Type Connector
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