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DIABLOSPORT - I1000 - $384.95
One part number for all supported vehicle applications
Universal diagnostic tool-use on any OBD2 vehicle
Free automatic online updates for life
Stainless Steel construction
Drag and drop file transfers (tunes, updates, etc....)
Dual processors and over one gig of memory
Fastest programming available
Only full color touch screen available for under $400
Easy to use
Removable cables for simple storage
External sernsor inputs (0-5v analog devices)
Virtually unlimited custom tunes (baes on memory)
Fits in your pocket (small cell phone sized)
Most adjustable parameters on the market
Preloaded with multiple tunes for each application
Features Diablosport's vehicle protocol engine
Includes milage booster and throttle booster
Warranty safe-no watermarks, fingerprints or counters
Virtually unlimited datalogging (bases on memory)
Helpful tooltips inlcuded
Stackable with extreme power puck (diesel vehicles)
30 day no questions asked money back guarantee
1 year warranty
usb connectivity
Designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA
Can be used on multiple vehicles (once at a time)

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