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dart - 11071040 - $2049.95
ls1 Cylinder Head, Pro 1, Aluminum, BARE, 62cc Chamber, 250cc Intake Runner, cnc ported - (pair)

Recommended for engines with 4.000” bore or larger. Maximum competition, competition modified drag racing, circle track. Over 7,000 RPM.

Dart’s PRO1 15° 250cc LS CNC ported Aluminum cathedral port cylinder heads for GM LS series small block V8 engines take performance to the next level.

This LS CNC cathedral port head is machined on a dedicated casting with extra thick sections to maintain the proper wall thickness after porting. Due to the large diameter intake valves, the Dart LS CNC head is recommended for use on engines with 4.000 inch and larger cylinder bores. Precise computer controlled CNC machining, multi-angle intake seats, and radiused exhaust seats enhance airflow. Extra material above the ports accommodates valve train upgrades.

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