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C5 remains a great hotrod platform. We have not forgotten the C5 but rather have continued to improve our systems until we have what you see today. With exclusive features such as our Ram Air Intercooler design, fully adjustable billet belt tensioner, our attention to airflow through both the intercooler and radiator, and our desire to build the best supercharger system on the planet, it has evolved into just that.

We also know Corvette owners are discerning when it comes to under hood appearance. While engineering the performance side of this kit, we kept that in mind. Our system is as beautiful as it is powerful. Available in fully polished or satin black finishes.

Comes complete with fuel system upgrades as well as new Seimens fuel injectors.

Our C5 supercharger systems have benefitted from all the innovations implemented in our C6 and C7 research and development. Each time we found a way to improve the C6 and C7 systems, we went back to C5 and did the same. The other guys just sat back and said “Our C5 systems are good enough” and have not updated their C5 systems in years.
As with C6 and C7 we offer 50 State Legal (CARB EO# D-707) systems all the way up to 1000 RWHP race only kits. We also carry a full line of injectors, fuel systems, pulleys, belts, radiators and individual components you need to accomplish your goals.



  • Proprietary Vortech head unit in Si or Ti Trims (other sizes available)
  • Full width Ram Air Intercooler with replaceable scoop and mounting brackets
  • Large 4 ½” inlet duct with re-usable high flow filter
  • 60# Siemens injectors (larger sizes available)
  • Racetronix or Lingenfelter fuel pump (03-04 uses Kenne Bell Boost a Pump)
  • 38MM or 50 MM Raceport blowoff valve. (52 MM “Big Bubba available)
  • NGK TR6 spark plugs pre-gapped to .035”
  • Crank pinning kit with new OE bolt
  • Our superior bracket system with fully adjustable billet tensioner
  • Aluminum surround panels to enclose the radiator cavity
  • 4 ply silicone hoses formed specifically to navigate the C5 engine compartment
  • Stainless steel “constant tension clamps” for secure connections
  • Mandrel bent polished aluminum MAF tube with bead rolled ends (black powder coat available)
  • Upper radiator brackets to support radiator, fan and condenser assembly.
  • Powder-coated top shroud
  • Hardware kit with vacuum hoses, fittings, screws etc.
  • Also included is a build sheet showing each part as it was boxed for shipping and initialed by our shipping manager.

C5 is a “Bottom Breather”. Incoming airflow is drawn in from under the car, rather than through a large grille opening as in later models. This requires a different approach as to how to get adequate airflow through the intercooler.

Just putting an intercooler in front of the radiator does little more than block the radiator. The factory shroud (that large plastic piece that slopes down from the top of the radiator to the front bumper) is gone, so what is there to force the air through the intercooler and radiator? Furthermore, with that shroud gone, what is there to stop the airflow from just going off into the fender wells on either side of the radiator as well as up into the bumper itself? The straight answer is NOTHING!

Ours is the ONLY system that looks at this problem and actually does something about it. We have CNC formed aluminum panels that seal this whole area off so the airflow is trapped in the radiator cavity and forced into the radiator. This approach helps engine cooling tremendously.


A&A Supercharger System For C5 Corvette