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american racing - maverick - from $825
chrome plated 17x7.5

To understand modern muscle cars and the wheel designs that support the look and performance of the modern era muscle car, it is necessary to briefly understand the history of American muscle. The basic Detroit definition of a muscle car is a quick, 0-60 intermediate passenger sedan with suspension modifications, multi-cylinder horsepower with a throaty growl and performance-oriented appearance modifications (spoiler or body kit).  Historically, most enthusiasts agree that Chevrolet, Dodge and Ford were building up to the muscle car movement in the early 60s, but the quintessential muscle car introduction may have been the 1964 Pontiac GTO. The most famous names of the era followed -- Cuda, GTO, Chevelle, Monte Carlo, Charger, Cutlass, Gran Torino, Grand Prix, Camaro and Firebird. With smog controls and the oil embargo of 1973, body shapes changed and horsepower ratings declined. When the Hemi was no longer produced, performance dropped and so did the muscle car movement. The muscle car movement was slightly revived in the 80s with the introduction of the Buick Regal and other GM performance offerings.  Today American Racing defines muscle cars as modern performance cars with “attitude” -- Shelby®, GTO, Charger, Camaro, Cobra, Corvette, Magnum, Mustang, WS6, SS, Z06, M3 and many others. Some models are elevated to the status of muscle car by virtue of factory turbos or superchargers. Country of origin is irrelevant.

The designers and engineers at American Racing continue to create aggressive performance wheels, essential equipment for a true performance car. Staggered fitments, modern finishes, larger diameters, design elements borrowed from racing and competitive strength-to-weight ratios, characterize the American Racing wheel style.

So grab a set from Juiced today at a discount price.  A set of 17x7.5 will start as low as $825 shipped.  Bigger sized, tires and TPMS sensors will increase price accordingly.  Add a set of tires and get them mounted and balanced for no additional charge. 

We have to many size and tire options to list.  Please email to order. 

American Racing Maverick (Chrome Plated)