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AIRAID - 250-308 - $469.10
Airaid intake systems are built with performance, excellent fitment and high quality oem standards in mind.  When it came to the 5th gen Camaro they didn't dissappoint.  Airaid beleives in an easy, quick and painless install.  This is where their excellent fitment comes into play.  Other systems will have you struggling to get the airbox seated properly or everything lined up right but not Airaid.  Check out the installation video below and you'll have this cold air intake installed in minutes with little to no fuss.  You'll be blown away but the high quality materials used with Airaid as well.  No cheap thin gauge plastics here, Airaid systems are built to last.  The final and possibly most important factor is going to be the performance.  From the first turn of the key you'll notice a major difference.  A new healthy intake sound will be present right off that bat and once you hit the gas you'll feel the extra power!  Airaid 250-308 for the LSA ZL1 Camaro will produce top notch power gains!