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SOLO - C23916/C23917 - $732.90
2010-15 LS/LT V6 CAMARO HIGH FLOW catalytic converterS
Solo Performance is proud to introduce high flow catalytic converters for the V6 Camaro. They are a full stainless steel catalytic converter assembly. The Solo-Cats are made from a stainless steel 200 cell converter body that is rated up to 6.0L per side. That’s 12.0 combined liters of pollution reducing materials packed into the two Solo catalytic converters. They come with all the necessary hardware and O2 extenders for a turn key product that keeps your Cel light off. These super high flow converters unleash your Camaro in both performance and sound.
igh Flow Converter Details:
T409 Stainless Steel Inside and Out
200 Cell Internal Core
In-House Fabricated 02 Extenders Included
Completely Bolt-On
Rated at 6.0L per converter
Laser-cut Stainless Steel 3/8" Extra Thick Flanges (not 1/4" like most)
Interlock flex pipe made of Stainless Steel
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