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ORACLE - 2533-053 - $179.95
2010-2013 CAMARO plasma after burner tail light kit
Oracle tail light halo kit for the 2010-2013 Camaro V6 and Camaro SS is designed to give your vehicle that extra edge, and to help you and drivers around you remain safe in the daytime or at night. With a quicker that halogen response, they light up even faster than your stock tail lights, this is a major safety factor when driving through busy roads or dealing with traffic jams.

ORACLE Plasma Halo Rings are the latest advancement in solid-state LED Lighting Technology. These new Plasma Halos feature Chip-On-Board (COB) design where hundreds of semiconductors make direct contact to the circuit board, essentially turning the entire circuit board in the luminaire. Not only brighter than previous LED rings, these feature very consistent light output which appears as one solid ring rather than individual LEDs.
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