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ACS - 46-4-013 - $384.05
2014-15 CAMARO v6 ls/lt - T5 FRONT SPLITTER

ACS-T5 Splitter for 2014 Camaro LT V6

This all new ACS-T5 splitter is designed for the 2014 and up Camaro LS LT RS, or V6 Trim. Following on from our previous T5 splitters this quality RTM composite component will not lower your vehicle’s ride height and will assist in allowing the free flow of air in the front end. 

This new addition to our ever-growing inventory of highest quality modification fits perfectly in our aim for total synergy between performance, style and durability. Fully prepped and primed with a stunning optional black satin finish, this splitter is a welcome, desirable addition to our range.

Also available our front wheel deflectors, designed to deflect rushing air around the spinning wheels, creation extraction for the front brakes. This will help keep the front brakes cooler under intense use and brake dust away front the side of your ride. 

Our latest splitter / deflector package will also greatly complement our 2014-15 Side rockers. Order both and save on shipping.


  • Improves airflow to yield greater downforce
  • Simple mounting using a series of supplied mechanical fasteners
  • Does not require removal of front fascia
  • Installation time under 15 minutes.
  • Instructions and hardware provided


  • Satin Black Paint Finish
  • Front Wheel Deflectors Pn 46-4-003
  • Side Rockers Pn 46-4-005