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ACS - 33-4-065 - $279
2010-13 CAMARO SS /v6 - T3 STRIPE KIT

The ACS-T3 Stripe Kit can be installed on any Camaro, with or without the ACS-T3 Hood Port (33-4-049). They are designed to follow the lines of the Camaro and follow the same proportions to match our hood ports.

 Without the hood ports they will follow all the way to the front and have the same effect, if you ever decide to purchase the hood ports at a later date you will be able to match them up. If you already have ports, then simply trim off the front section.


    • Hood, roof, deck lid and spoiler wrap.

Available in satin black or carbon finish. Special colours available upon request.

Application Guide

    • Camaro 2010-13 with T3 Hood ported hood