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ACS - 33-4-049 - $586.55

Introducing the ACS-T3 Hood Port self-install kit; the newest and efficient way to upgrade your stock hood. That's right, modify your aluminum hood and save on colour matching paint and the hassles with replacement hoods. The ACS-T3 Hood Port self install kit is a 9-piece installation kit to convert the existIng stock hood on your Camaro. 


The sole performance benefit of the stock Camaro hood is its light weight; it lacks heavily in its other categories. The ACS-T3 Hood Insert converts the original hood to allow the:  

  • Extraction of the engine's hot air
  • Reduction of body lift at high speed by relieving under hood pressure.
  • Water to drain towards the front radiator support away from critical engine electronics.


  • Driver and Passenger Outer Port, Primed
  • Driver and Passenger Inner Panel, Primed 
  • Driver and Passenger Deflector Plate, Primed 
  • Driver and Passenger Octagonal Mesh, Powder Coated Black 
  • Deflector mounting bolts
  • Templates
  • Adhesive
  • Instructions

Patent Pending

Application Guide

    • Camaro 2010-13 SS V8
    • Camaro 2010-13 LS LT RS V6
    • Camaro 2014-15 LS LT RS V6
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